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Daforto Stevia Liquid Almond, 250ml
Pure liquid stevia extract with almond aroma
It-No:    2512
Price:    15.95€ (6.38€/100ml)
GBP:    £14.07

La Nouba Marshmallows, 75g
Marshmallows produced by Belgian manufacturer La Nouba, sweetened with a mixture of Maltit and Isomalt instead of sugar
It-No:    7424
Price:    2.50€ (3.33€/100g)
GBP:    £2.20

Biscuits and Waffles
La Nouba Marshmallows, 75g

Item-No:    7424
Price:    2.50€ (incl. VAT.)
(3,33€ / 100g)
Equals:    approx. £2.20 (incl. VAT)

Marshmallows produced by Belgian manufacturer La Nouba, sweetened with a mixture of Maltit and Isomalt instead of sugar.

Notes: Excessive Consumption may cause laxative effects. GMO free, contain no nuts. Keep cool and dry.

Ingredients: Sweeteners (Maltitol, Isomalt), Water, Gelatine, Maize Starch, Acidulant: Lactic Acid, Natural Vanilla Flavour, Natural Colour: Betanin, Red Beetroot

The product has a gross weight of about 81 grammes.

 Nutritional value   100g
 Energy value   203kcal (850kJ)
 Fat   <0.1g
   of which saturated fat   0g
 Carbohydrate   74.5g
   of which sugars   <0.5g
   of which polyols   74g
 Fibre   0g
 Protein   3.9g
 Salt   0.006g
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Daforto Stevia Basic, 40g

It-No:    6696
Price:    9.95€
(24,88€ / 100g)
GBP:    £8.78

The classic of the Daforto stevia products with 95% steviolglycosides and a 250-fold sweetness in comparison to sugar
Daforto Agar Agar, 100g

It-No:    8457
Price:    6.95€
(6,95€ / 100g)
GBP:    £6.13

A natural vegetable gelatin counterpart obtained from algae
Daforto Stevia Tablets Refill Package, 1000 Tablets

It-No:    8927
Price:    9.95€
(16,58€ / 100g)
GBP:    £8.78

Stevia tablets as sweet as sugar cubes
Sweet-Switch Marshmallows with no added sugars, 70g

It-No:    5465
Price:    2.50€
(3,57€ / 100g)
GBP:    £2.20

Marshmallows produced by Belgian manufacturer Sweet Switch, sweetened with a mixture of Maltit, Isomalt and Steviolglycosides instead of sugar.
Daforto Stevia Liquid Coconut, 60ml

It-No:    1999
Price:    4.99€
(8,32€ / 100ml)
GBP:    £4.40

Pure liquid stevia extract with coconut aroma